Quiche. Along with the fragrant and exquisite coffee we offer you to enjoy the delicate desserts collected from all over the world for you. You can enjoy delicious delicacies and sweets in a cozy and pleasant environment with fascinating flavors of coffee, vanilla and chocolate.

Cakes from the French cuisine- Quiche will be provided for your attention. Quiche is the name of a traditional cake, which is very popular in all regions of France. The French Quiche Lorraine and Lorraine pie is taken as a basis for the recipe. Its name is connected with Lorraine from which came to Quiche in French cuisine, and later to us. We use only fresh products of high quality for our cakes. You can enjoy a variety of tastes and appreciate the specialist’s skills.

Desserts. We offer unusual desserts for fans of light exotics. Drunken Cakes, they are based on noble beverages such as brandy, wine, liquor, rum which underscore the palette range of the products and hides its secrets. You can taste the sweetness of Asia, Europe and America prepared especially for you by the experienced confectioners, which are not inferior in quality and taste to the desserts from their homeland. You will be able to relate to China, Japan, Turkey, Venice, Sweden, Canada and other countries.

There are different kinds of ice-cream. For those are always in searching of new products, cold sweets makers permanently come up with something different and original. For those who like the taste of childhood the sweets makers always try to revive the taste. For those who are looking for something exotic, the variety of tastes and shapes are creating. We offer you to enjoy the classic flavors of ice- cream, as well as the opportunity to taste the uniqueness and originality. Several kinds of ice-cream will be provided for your choice which you can combine and create a unique taste. Each product has its own taste and flavor, history and capabilities. Each one of you will find something that will lift up your mood, give a moment of pleasure. The unique taste will help you to escape from daily routine, inspire and set you on harmony. You can enjoy the rare combination of a noble drink and softest desserts that complete each other.