Coffee - is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world. Before it gets to your table coffee is being planted, treated with care, and then collected with delicacy. Further on, we deposit it according to all the preservation rules. During the steps of coffee preparation, it is very important to keep the aroma and quality of the product, so you can feel the whole charm and magic of high quality coffee. There are several sorts of coffee:

  • Arabian coffee tree (Coffea Arabica) - is the most widespread type of coffee in the world, it can be distinguished by a complex scent. Arabian coffee grows in high altitudes, mostly in shadow. Taking into the consideration this fact, the coffee beans have the possibility to grow slowly gaining rich aroma and delicate taste.
  • Konefora Robusta coffee tree (Coffea Canephora) - is the second most popular coffee in the world. It holds higher content of caffeine in the beans than Arabian coffee. Robusta is often used in blends to add strength to the drink.
  • Most Arabica coffee beans grow either in Latin America, East Africa, Arabia, or Asia. Black Coffee Robusta (Kanefore) is cultivated in West and Central Africa, throughout South-east Asia, and parts of Brazil.


The color of the beans depends on the degree of maturity. Green berries are not mature, yellow fruit is ripening, and red is ripen. Coffee beans are carefully picked by hands, and then they are being taken to different processing stages that are kept in strict confidence. Correct and competent coffee roasting help achieve the necessary quality and consistency of the product. In the roasting process sugar and starches are caramelized and fats emulsified, to produce coffee oils. These oils give coffee its own flavor and aroma. Thanks to experienced professionals and experts you can enjoy a great taste and rich aroma.